PESCO Online Bill 2023 – Check Duplicate Bill Online

Tired of waiting long for your monthly PESCO Bill and standing in queue for hours for its submission? Break your knots from this hectic routine and check PESCO online bill through this website. Only you need to have a 14-digit reference number, that is mentioned already on each bill. Type your reference number below and your PESCO duplicate bill will be generated.

If you want to generate a copy of the August PESCO bill in case you lost it or didn’t get delivered from Wapda then you can generate PESCO online bill 2023. Bill generation is totally free of cost.

Check PESCO Duplicate Bill Online

There is a possibility sometimes you miss your PESCO bill for some reason. To get the Pesco bill online check Peshawar on time, and you need to visit our website. There you can get or generate a Pesco duplicate bill online by entering your 14-digit reference number or a 10-digit customer ID for free.

Through Pesco duplicate bill, you can check your current billing status i.e. paid or unpaid. And you can also print and get a copy of the duplicate pesco bill as well.

Note: Click here for FESCO Online Bill Check

BillPESCO Online Bill
Bill MonthAugust
Issue Date29 August
Due Date12 August
Reading Date24 August

You can also get PESCO bill duplicate copies of previous months as well. If you want to check your latest bill details, then by entering your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID you can get bill details. Now print, download, or record whatever you want. You can also calculate the pesco bill through the pesco bill calculator.

How to Check PESCO Bill?

To check your Pesco bill, you need to go through a simple procedure. Follow the below-given guide step by step.

  • Open our website
  • Enter your 14-Digit reference number. You will have to type the reference number in the box given below or you can type your 10- Digit Customer ID to proceed further.
  • Now, you will be displayed with your latest month’s PESCO bill and due date as well.
  • If you want to view a clear image of your pesco online bill, you can zoom in on the picture by clicking “View Full Bill“.
  • There is no device limitation for checking online peso bills on our website. You can use a laptop or mobile device to access your pesco bill check.

PESCO BILL Reference Number

The reference number is required to check your pesco billing information. If you don’t know how to check a pesco bill without a reference number, then you can use your customer ID. Customer ID contains a 10-digit number, that you have to type in a box, and then you will be shown your result.

All About PESCO

PESCO stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KPK). For privatization and growing business on a large scale, Peshawar District Electric Council was changed into another organization named Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO).

PESCO supplies electricity to a wide population ranging from Bannu to Swat which includes Mardan, Khyber, and Hazara Divisions. PESCO provides electricity distribution to more than 2.6 million people and facilitates major urban areas of KPK, Pakistan.

Peshawar Electric Supply Company system is served by 132,66 and 33kV substation lines, 11kV and 440V low voltage substations, and lines that are responsible for supplying electricity at your doorstep for domestic and business use.

PESCO Circles

PESCO (Peshawar Electricity Supply Company) distributes electricity to eight (8) major KPK areas or circles covering up to 1,204,621 hectares of land. These include

Bannu CircleHazara Circle-1Hazara Circle-2
Khyber CircleMardan CirclePeshawar Circle
Swabi CircleSwat Circle

Bill Information

You can easily online bill check PESCO here. If you want to check your billing information, you can go to your bill payment history. There you can find which of your bill is paid and which is unpaid. For a PESCO bill check, visit our website. Here you can check the billing history, when your Pesco online bill gets issued, Its due date, the amount to pay after the due date, etc.

Pesco Peak Hours

To stabilize electric supply to a region that comes under PESCO, Peshawar Electric Supply Company decreases electricity consumption during peak hours. PESCO peak hours are

From April to October6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
From November to March6 PM to 10 PM

What is a 14-digit Pesco Bill Reference Number?

A reference number is actually a 14-digit number that is already mentioned on your every bill. If you are missing your pesco bill, you can check your pesco bill online with the help of a reference number. You can check from the below-given figure below what and where the reference number is mentioned on your bill. To clarify it, let me explain with the help of an example.

For example, consider 10 12345 6789101 as your reference number.

Now this reference number includes three main components in itself. These include

  • Batch Number: 10 in the above-mentioned reference number stands for the batch number. It consists of two digits only and can vary according to your area. The batch number can only be changed if required, otherwise, it remains the same.
  • Sub Division: The following five-digit number 12345 mentioned in the above reference number represents your sub-division. Sub-division represents your area of electricity. Divisions are divided into sub-divisions to make it easy for pesco employees.
  • Account Number: The last 789101 number belongs to pesco consumers and that is permanent. This means this number is allocated to each consumer and can not be changed.

What is PESCO Customer/ Consumer ID?

This is another method to check pesco online bills. If you are unable to access your peso bill 2022 through the reference number then you can use customer/consumer ID to access your bill. Customer ID is basically a 10-digit number present on the right upside of the reference number.

New Connection or Transfer Procedure

If you buy a new property in an area where the pesco supplies the electricity. If that land already owns an electric meter in the name of the previous owner then you need to follow the strict instructions. If you want the change the name of the meter to yours then you will have to apply it just like the new meter connection.

Shortly, you will have to follow the same procedure as new meter applicants follow. You can apply for a name change or change correction at your nearest office.

PESCO Consumers

Pesco supplies electricity to a wide range of the Pakistani population. On average, it covers about the major districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa like Swabi, Hazara Divisions, and many more. It supplies electricity distribution to about 2.6 million population.

Pesco’s Aim

Pesco is a well-reputed company and strives to improve its performance for the population. Pesco makes sure to provide for the health and well-being of its employees. Pesco’s primary goal is to generate income for people by expanding its roots and providing more electricity in order to facilitate the population that comes under its divisions.

Pesco Bill Details

From our website, you can check pesco online bill details. You can check the meter reading date, the due date of the bill, and the dues to pay after the due date. You can open the full bill and then you can refer to the bill payment details. You can view the details of the past 12 months.

Pesco Email Billing Service

Pesco has introduced an Email billing service. You can subscribe to the website by providing your Email address. When the latest bill will be introduced you will be notified through your email. Then you can easily check your bill details from there. This one is considered one of the best services by PESCO.

PESCO helpline

To contact Peshawar Electric Supply Company, you can call at following helpline numbers.

  • Phone: +92 (41) 9220184-9220229
  • UAN No: 080066554
  • Fax: +92 (41) 9220233

How to Pay PESCO Bill?

There is no such requirement to pay Pesco bill online only. You can pay it by visiting various shops or banks that are allowed to submit pesco bills. To do this you need to have a bill in your hands. If your bill is missing then you can get a Pesco duplicate bill copy from here. Then you can visit the below-given areas to submit your bill.

  • All Commercial Banks
  • One Link ATMs
  • Easy Paisa Shops
  • NADRA collection points
  • All Post Offices

Ways To Pay PESCO Bill Online

If you pay bills through a mobile app using your bank account, then you need to know which bank payment method supports pesco bills. For your ease, below given are a few banks that accept the pesco payment method.

  • National Bank Pakistan (NBP)
  • Habib Bank Pvt Ltd (HBL)
  • Allied Bank Ltd (ABL)
  • United Bank Ltd (UBL)
  • Bank Al-Habib (BAH)
  • Meezan Bank Ltd (MBL)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
  • Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)

Taxes in Pesco Bill

Various taxes are a part of each pesco bill because no organization can operate without taxes. These include:


FPA stands for fuel price adjustment. FPA belongs to rental power companies that generate electricity from fossil fuels such as crude oil, kerosene, coal, etc. You can notice price fluctuations with some fluctuations in fossil fuel prices.

TR surcharge:

TR stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. This is meant for commercial users only. As per rules defined by NEPRA, it is sometimes credited to consumers and is sometimes debited to NEPRA. TR is a kind of subsidy that is NEPRA and GOP tariff difference.

If the difference is “positive” then the government pays it to the consumer as a subsidy. But, if the difference is negative, then PESCO pays it to GOP. This is now called IDTR SUR.

FC surcharge:

FC stands for Financing Cost. This is done in order to collect revenue from the customer. As an FC Surcharge, officials have decided to charge 0.43 paisa per unit to make a secure collection of debt servicing by Power Holding Pvt Ltd.

Deferred amount:

This is a disputed amount. If a court case happens between the customer and authority, this amount remains in a disputed box until a conclusion arrives. This is an amount that you have to pay at any cost. There is no due date for this amount. You can pay at once or you can pay it in installments. The choice is up to you.

QTR tariff adjustment:

This is a quarterly tariff adjustment amount. After every three months, you can see this amount in your bill. For domestic consumers, this tax came when they exceeded 300 units. But, commercial users have to pay each of its unit taxes.

PESCO Detection:

If the amount of units consumed is too low then PESCO provides detection. Pesco bill detection can be due to many reasons like your meter being too slow. Or you are having illegal practices like electricity theft or direct hooking.

PESCO Tax info

Additional Information on the PESCO Duplicate Bill

Below given are the terms that you might notice in PESCO online bill 2022. Have a look.

Billing Period:

The period for which the bill has been issued.

Reference Number:

This is a dedicated number for the identification of consumers.


Sanction load for connection.


These are the charges approved by NEPRA for a relevant connection type.


This is an electricity duty levied by the provincial government.

Reading Date:

Date by which meter reading takes place.

Issue Date:

Date by which the bill has been issued to the consumer.

Due Date:

Date by which bill has to be paid.

Total Units Consumed:

These are the units of electricity consumed during the billing period.

Total Cost Of Electricity:

This is the cost of total units along with the tariff.


Installment is an amount paid within the given duration (extra time than normal billing duration) by any competent authority.


GST stands for General Sales Tax by the Government Of Pakistan.

Late Payment Surcharge:

This is the amount levied on account of non-payment of the bill within the due date.


Pesco has done and is still doing a great job for its consumers with its amazing services. PESCO has also made some great major advancements in producing electricity to make it available to a wide population. Pesco has made a great step by making PESCO online bill for 2023.

It’s their initiative to work for the betterment of their region and employees as well. Moreover, if you have any queries regarding the Pesco bill check, the pesco duplicate bill, or anything. You are most welcome. You can share your views in the comment section below. Your precious views will be appreciated.

General FAQS

How can I contact PESCO for a complaint?

To contact PESCO headquarter dial 111-000-118.

How can I calculate the Pesco bill online?

You can calculate the Pesco Bill online through an online calculator. That calculator gives exact calculations.

What is meant by the PESCO detection bill?

A detection bill is given to consumers for the following reasons.

  • If the electricity meter is too slow.
  • By electricity theft or direct hooking.

How can I get a PESCO duplicate bill?

You can get pesco duplicate bills through this website. You must type 14- a digit reference number or a 10-digit customer number to make your duplicate bill from our website. You can also print a copy of a duplicate bill through this procedure.

Is it possible to check PESCO online bill without a reference number?

Yes, with the help of customer ID, you can check your pesco bill online.

How can I change my name on my PESCO bill?

For this purpose, you need to apply for a name change. And you have to go through the same procedure as the new meter.

How can I download my Pesco electricity bill online?

Open our website. Enter the reference number in the search bar. You will be shown your bill. There you can download the Pesco electricity bill.

Can I get the PESCO bill through SMS?

No, currently this service is not available for SMS. At present email, assistance is available to get your PESCO bill.

How can I check if my bill is paid or not?

You can check your billing status by entering the reference number mentioned on your bill. There you can check whether your bill is paid is not or what is the due date of your bill.

What does the term FPA in my bill stand for?

FPA stands for fuel price adjustment. This price is added to your bill and fluctuates with fuel price fluctuations.