45 Educational Institutes And Salons Sealed In Peshawar

According to the order of the high court, on Wednesday, the district administration sealed 45 educational institutions, offices, and saloons operating in residential buildings in University Town after different utilities disconnected the connections to electricity, gas, and water in those buildings.

This action was led by additional assistant commissioner Syeda Zainab Naqvi, according to a press release released here on Monday.


Ayesha Institute of Modern Studies, Bloomfield School, The City School, Club College, Concordia College, Kin Fed College, SAKANS College, NCS School, Bloomfield School, The City School, Ayesha Institute of Modern Studies, and National Institute of Modern Languages were sealed for operating in residential areas. There were also a number of salons for both men and women that were sealed off.

In the course of the campaign, a number of officials from Pesco, SNGPL, WSSP, and Capital Metropolitan Government West Zone disconnected all water, gas, electricity, and telephone connections to the buildings and issued notices to others who engaged in illegal commercial activities in residential areas.

Parental opposition to the district administration’s action was expressed by a parent who said students were already suffering as a result of prolonged closures caused by Covid-19 restrictions, summer vacations, and flash floods, and that the district administration was playing with their futures by taking this action.

In their demand, they addressed it to the Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court, the Chief Minister, the Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Minister for Higher Education in Peshawar.

As a result, a representative of private schools has told this news agency that he will contest the court’s decision in a higher court and that he will offer classes online to save students precious time during their classes.

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