Exploring the Solutions to Power Theft in PESCO’s Service Area

Power theft is a significant problem in the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO)’s service area, which results in significant revenue losses and reduced quality of service for legitimate consumers. The company has been exploring various solutions to address this issue.

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One of the key solutions to power theft is increasing public awareness about its negative consequences. PESCO has been conducting awareness campaigns to educate the public about the dangers of power theft and the impact it has on the company’s ability to provide reliable electricity. This includes highlighting the risks of electrocution and its impact on the economy.

Another solution to power theft is the use of modern technology. PESCO is implementing a smart metering system that can detect abnormal consumption patterns, including those caused by power theft. These smart meters transmit data to the company in real-time, enabling quick identification of power theft and allowing prompt action to be taken.

PESCO is also taking legal action against power thieves. The company has set up special teams to carry out raids on areas where power theft is suspected and to disconnect illegal connections. PESCO has also encouraged consumers to report incidents of power theft, promising anonymity to those who report such incidents.

Additionally, PESCO is considering incentivizing consumers to report power theft. The company is exploring the possibility of offering rewards to consumers who provide information about power theft that leads to the arrest of power thieves. This is aimed at encouraging a culture of reporting power theft and discouraging individuals from engaging in the practice.


Power theft is a significant problem in PESCO’s service area, but the company is taking various measures to combat it. Increasing public awareness, implementing smart metering systems, taking legal action against power thieves, and incentivizing consumers to report power theft are some of the key solutions being explored by PESCO. With a concerted effort, it is hoped that power theft can be significantly reduced, allowing PESCO to provide better quality service to its legitimate consumers.

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