How Much Electricity Does an Electric Geyser Use?

After a very hectic day, having a hot shower during winter is such a blessing. But do you know, How much an electric geyser costs electricity?

If the thought of the electricity consumption of a geyser scares you then let’s do some analysis on electricity consumption. And figure out the causes, which causes cost greater. Now, let us just know what types of geysers are best when it comes to saving electricity.

How To Calculate Geyser Electricity Consumption?

How To Calculate Geyser Electricity Consumption?

Geysers’ power range from 500Watt to 5000Watt. Let’s consider an example, If an electric geyser is 1000 watts it will consume electricity of about 1 Kws per hour. If the electric geyser is of 2000 watts then the electricity consumption would be 2Kws per hour.

Now, let us explain the formula to calculate the geyser electricity consumption.

Total consumption= Rated capacity of the geyser x Total operating hours

Consider an example. Mr. Ali has a geyser with a 25-liter capacity the geyser consumes 2000 watts and is used 3 hours per day, then lets us just look through this formula.

Total consumption= 2000 x 3 =6000 Wh

Now, convert them into Kwh

A 25- liter geyser consumes a power of 6 Kwh per day.

How To Reduce Geyser Consumption In Order To Lessen Electricity Cost?

  • Try to reduce daily hot water consumption. In place of using hot water for washing utensils and clothes, try to use tank water or wash when the sun is there.
  • Instead of taking multiple showers daily, try to take one shower. This would reduce your electricity bill.
  • Fix the timer of the geyser. This would be very beneficial for you as it would reduce the stress of daily ON and OFF.
  • Check the ideal temperature of your geyser and keep an eye on it.
  • Make sure to buy a geyser that is rated 5-star. 5-star appliances use less electricity.
  • Try to go for the geyser that matches your needs. For example, if you are 2-3 members of a house so your hot water consumption will be less. Do not go for an oversized geyser. Obviously, at first, it will cost a lot more than small sized geyser and on the other hand, it will consume more electricity.
  • Always try to keep the geyser near your water-delivering pipe.


We had tried our best to tell you about the power consumption of all types of geysers. No doubt, these cost a lot when it comes to power consumption. Always make research on any product you are about to buy. You can not replace such an expensive appliance every other day. So, make a wise decision before.

Before you buy a geyser, look at the above-given points. These would help you in finding your best.

General FAQS

How can I reduce my daily geyser power consumption?

Before making a purchase, notice the company ratings. If it is 5- a star then it is worth buying. So, you should go for a 5-star rating appliance. And they also consume less electricity and power.

Can I pay PESCO electricity bill online?

Yes, you can check your electricity bill online through anywhere anytime.

My geyser takes 3000 watts of power. How much it will cost me?

It will cost you 3 KW per hour.

Does a geyser use a lot of electricity?

It is estimated that on average, a geyser consumes about 40-50% of its total electricity per month.

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