How to Apply For Net Metering in Pakistan?

The majority of the Pakistani population is not aware of what Net Metering is. Net Metering is an advanced method of tracking your bill. There are many people who have installed solar panels in their houses. These solar panels generate electricity.

If the electricity produced by their solar panels is greater than their consumption, then they can sell that electricity to PESCO. In turn, PESCO will pay them for electricity. They will have a nice livelihood too by selling electricity.

In this way, the government will be able to serve more electricity to a wide population. Load shedding will also decrease. In short, net monitoring is one of the most convenient methods for solving electricity billing issues.

Let’s Consider an Example

Suppose there is a shopkeeper who makes electricity through solar panels. If the electricity produced by his panels is greater than its needs then he can apply for net metering. If his net metering application is approved then its WAPDA bill will be negative.

He will provide his extra electricity to WAPDA, which in turn will provide his units. So, he will not have to pay his bill.

How To Apply For Net Metering?

Apply For Net Metering

Net Metering Application

As specified by the NEPRA regulations, the DISCO office will receive the net metering application along with the documents compiled with the DG’s requirements.

Acknowledgment Of The Application

That application will be sent to DISCO. After a thorough review, the applicant will be informed if the documents or the application is incomplete. The whole process will take place within 5 working days after the application has been received.

If Application Form Is Incomplete

If the application is incomplete or if any document is missing. You will be informed to submit the missing documents or fill that incomplete application within 7 days after the notice is issued to you.

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Initial Review

Once your documents/application are complete the DISCO will conduct a preliminary review of the applicant. If the applicant is meeting the needs of the eligibility criteria while also meeting additional demands, he/she will be provided with that service.

The preliminary review proposal will be accepted within 20 working days.

Benefits Of Net Metering

Net metering has many benefits. Firstly, net metering is comforting domestic and commercial users. This advanced method has reduced a lot of burden on consumers who can afford solar panels.

Electricity produced by solar panels is totally organic and it will benefit the owner to control his billing by managing it through solar.

Secondly, you can save a lot through net metering. No doubt you have to invest first and then with that investment you will be credited with units by selling electricity.

General FAQS

What Is Net Metering?

Net metering is a billing service where sellers are credited with units in place of electricity.

Who Is Eligible For Net Metering?

Connection Type3 Phase
Consumer CategoryCommercial, residential, Industrial, Bulk, and General services
Voltage Supply Level400V to 11Kv
Solar PV Range1KW to 1000KW
PV Max. Limit 1.5 x sanctioned Load

How It Is possible to export my meter?

PESCO will install a bi-directional meter at consumers’ residences which will inform the import and export of a meter.

How long does the process of a net metering application take?

According to NEPRA regulations 2015, this whole process will be completed in 90 days.

What are the reasons for the delay in the net metering process?

  • The discrepancy in the survey.
  • Incomplete documents or applications.

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