How to Read Your PESCO Electric Bill? – Guide

Understanding electricity bills can be a challenge for many individuals, as different charges and fees can make it difficult to determine the exact amount being paid. If you are a Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) customer, you may have found their bills especially intricate. However, there is no need to worry. This all-inclusive guide is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of your PESCO electric bill.

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How to Read Your PESCO Electric Bill?

To monitor your electricity usage and expenses, it is crucial to comprehend the valuable information included in your PESCO electric bill. The following is an explanation of the various sections of the bill.

How to Read Your PESCO Electric Bill?

Customer Information

Your name, address, and account number are listed in this section.

Meter Information

The meter utilized to measure your electricity consumption is detailed here, including the current reading and the meter number.

Billing Details

This section presents the billing period and the due date for your PESCO electric bill.

Electricity Charges

A comprehensive breakdown of the charges that constitute your electricity bill is listed in this section.

Total Bill

The total amount you are required to pay for the billing period, along with any applicable taxes and fees, is summarized in this section.

Understanding the Charges on Your PESCO Electric Bill

Your PESCO electric bill comprises multiple charges that are factored into determining your complete bill. The following are the primary charges that you may anticipate seeing on your bill.

Electricity Charges

This charge is based on your electricity consumption, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Fuel Adjustment Charges

This charge reflects alterations in the cost of fuel utilized for generating electricity and is subject to monthly fluctuations.

Taxes and Fees

Your PESCO electric bill covers a range of taxes and fees, such as the General Sales Tax (GST) and Neelam Jhelum Surcharge.

PESCO Billing Tariffs

To compute your electricity charges, PESCO implements a tiered tariff system. Under this system, the higher the electricity consumption, the greater the applicable rate charged. Here are the present tariffs for PESCO clients.

  • For the first 50 units of electricity: Rs. 13.85 per unit
  • For the next 100 units of electricity: Rs. 15.49 per unit
  • For the following 100 units of electricity: Rs. 18.03 per unit
  • For any additional units of electricity: Rs. 20.8 per unit

How to Calculate Your PESCO Bill?

To determine your PESCO electric bill, you must ascertain your electricity consumption during the billing period and the prevailing tariff rates. The following is the formula to calculate your bill.

Total Bill = (Energy Charges x Total Units) + Fuel Adjustment Charges + Taxes and Fees

PESCO Online Bill Payment

PESCO provides multiple hassle-free methods for paying your electric bill, which includes online payment. To make an online payment, you can visit the PESCO website and input your account information. Additionally, you may pay your bill through mobile banking applications or authorized payment centers.


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