NEPRA Fuel Price Adjustment For July 2022

It is being heard from authentic sources that NEPRA is thinking and trying to implement some major stressful conditions on a consumer and a company. According to NEPRA, they are thinking of charging RS 3.34 per unit in lieu of fuel price adjustment (FPA). If this news is right then it is going to put a heavy burden on consumers.

For a minute, let us think how will the consumer pay such a heavy amount without even using additional units and in turn will have to pay for it. This is not right at all. NEPRA must think again and then take a decision.

Fuel Price Adjustment For July 2022

As you all know the cost of electricity has continuously increased in the last two months. This decision of NEPRA will affect the billing cycle for the month of September 2022 and must be very hard for small-scale employees. Already this issue is raised between X-Discos consumers and the authority.

The government should rethink its decision. They should hold a meeting again and then think about it as this might raise conflict between PESCO and consumers and in turn, will not be beneficial for WAPDA at all.

If this NEPRA resolution is accepted then combining fuel price adjustment and other takes on the bill will cost RS 4.25 per unit. The authorities must think again. This time the anger of people will harm them a lot because every single month Government is imposing many of its unusual activities on the common man without even raising their pay.

Keeping in mind the current situation of our country and the damage due to floods the GOVT should rethink again and again.

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