Net Metering Works in Pakistan – Is it Profitable?

Net Metering of course is a profitable policy for the people who generate electricity and sell the surplus electricity to WAPDA. WAPDA can then use this electricity during peak hours or when the power supply is low. In turn, consumers will pay the reduced bill or save his/her units.

In September 2015, NEPRA issued a net metering regulation, which allows DICSOs to purchase excess electricity from the consumer and then connect it to the nearby grid in order to use such electricity when needed.

According to NEPRA regulations, a customer having three phase connection can apply for net metering and can avail the net metering facility on a small scale.

Net Metering Pakistan

Net Metering Pakistan

Net Metering in Pakistan has proved profitable, beneficial, and friendly on a budget to many. You have to install a Solar PV panels system for producing surplus energy in order to supply electricity to WAPDA. The first step you need is to install a solar panel system and then apply for the net metering facility.

After you applied for the net metering facility in the DISCOs office, you will be notified manually is something is missing or wrong. If the whole procedure goes on straight without any trouble, then it will take 30 days to sum up.

After all this, the relevant electric company will inspect the area. After the approval by the electric company, they will sign the agreement. After that, you will be issued the Generation license and then you will be good to go with the electric company.

What is Net Metering in Pakistan?

The electricity produced by a person for making renewable energy facilities. These are then used by the consumer in order to get profit. And it also benefits electricity companies to use that renewable energy to facilitate consumers during peak hours or when the energy supply is low. This process is referred to as Net Metering.

Net Metering has facilitated a wide range of population, as the people produce their own electricity and supply surplus to the electricity company. Both of them get benefits. As one sells its extra electricity while the other uses the extra electricity to supply its consumers when they are running short of electricity.


After studying net metering, now you might know what are its benefits. As you all know, it is a great initiative by the people using solar PV technology for producing their own electricity without depending on other companies.

Load shedding had a drastic impact on one’s life. That’s why make own reliable electricity without depending on others is a very nice initiative. If you are interested in net metering then study thoroughly. Invest your money properly and then take a step. As solar PV technologies are cost-effective and produce electricity throughout life with a one-time investment.

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