PESCO Bill Calculator – Calculate your PESCO Electric Bill

PESCO has come along with its Pesco bill calculator. To make it easy for its consumers, pesco has made this new initiative. Pesco bill estimator helps in making an estimate of your electricity bill and its consumption. This calculator is very simple and easy to use and can be accessed on the Pesco website to calculate pesco online bill.

To use a calculator, the consumer must know their reference number. Then the consumer must have to select their recent meter reading date and the amount of electricity used in kilowatt hours (kWh). After that, it’s up to the calculator. The calculator will show you how much electricity you have spent in the past year and how much electricity you are likely to spend this year.

Bill Calculator Pesco

On the other hand, through another way, you need to put the number of units used and estimate the amount of electricity. This bill estimator script is based on the latest pesco slabs. This includes all the common taxes like the cost of electricity, FC Surcharge, Electricity duty, TV Fee, GST, and NJ Surcharge.

PESCO Calculator Bill

The Pesco bill calculator has also termed the pesco tariff calculator and is the best guide to make an estimate of your electricity consumed. If you are a permanent Pesco consumer then you must know what type of connection you have i.e. domestic or commercial.

If you have a connection for domestic use then this calculator is for you. This calculator will not show the estimate of a commercial user. If you are a commercial user, then try calculation manually. We know manual calculation takes a lot of time, and patience but is reliable.

Easy Calculation Through PESCO Bill Calculator

Making an estimate of your bill before the monthly bill arrives makes you relaxed. Because once you have calculated how much you are consuming then you can manage your electricity needs according to your budget.

PESCO Slabs And Unit Rates

The following given rates are according to 2022 units per year. And the rates are according to NEPRA residential connections.

Sr#Units ConsumedUnit Rate (PKR/Unit)
1Up to 50 Units3.95
21-100 Units7.74
3101-200 Units10.06
4201-300 Units12.15
5301-700 Units19.55
6Above 700 Units22.65

Manual Pesco Bill Estimator

This tool works worldwide. If you are away from Pakistan and have to estimate your bill, then any of your family members can calculate the bill through this calculator.

But we will ask you to calculate your bills manually. Because manual calculation gives accurate results and on the other hand due to a rise in per unit prices, this calculator might give you wrong readings. It will take you a few minutes to calculate bills manually.

Follow the below given mathematical steps to calculate the PESCO bill.

  • As you know a unit of electricity is a kilowatt hour.
  • Suppose your reading is 32 watts and 10 hours is the total consumption time.
  • 32 Watts x 10 hours = 320 CFL per hour.
  • 320 divided by 1000 = 0.32-kilo watt per hour
  • 0.32-kilo watt per hour is the amount of electricity consumed in one day.
  • If you want to calculate for a whole month then multiply this by 30 days like 0.32-kilo watt per hour x 30 days = 9.6 kilowatts per hour. So 9.6-kilowatts per hour is consumed monthly.


This Pesco bill calculator is very beneficial for estimating your upcoming electricity needs. With this, you can manage your total electricity cost per month. This calculator works according to NEPRA rates. Pesco calculator gives you accurate readings. If not accurate then these are near too accurate.

Try out this pesco calculator and calculate your total electricity expenditure within no time. Just type your number of units and your estimated bill will be shown.

General FAQS

How to calculate the pesco bill online?   

Try out this pesco bill calculator. This will help you calculate your monthly pesco bill. This tool has made it easy for every user.

How to check previous bills through the Pesco bill estimator?

No, you can not check previous bills through the pesco bill estimator. This tool helps you check the latest month’s readings.

Is the Pesco calculator free to use?

Yes, this tool is totally free to use. You can estimate any of your bill through this calculator.

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