PESCO Bill Online Payment – Complete Guide to Pay your Bill Online

This article is a comprehensive guide to let you know the detailed method of paying your PESCO bills. You can use the old methods as well for submitting your bills like visiting a bank for paying the dues or you can also pay your PESCO online bill.

To be very honest, online is the best procedure so far introduced by any of the companies. By using online services, you don’t need to travel here and there. It reduces your hustle. Just sit comfortably in your home and submit your bills using any application allowed by your electricity company as a payment method.

PESCO Bill Online Payment

Make sure to pay your PESCO bill on time. Because that billing money is used to pay taxes, in turn, that proves beneficial for fair electricity distribution across PESCO circles.

Anyway, below given are the different payment methods for PESCO Bill 2022. Without any further due, let’s get started.

How to pay PESCO Bill Online?

Paying your PESCO bill is very easy easy, especially through an online method. For paying bills online, you need to understand some points first and then without any assistance, you will definitely pay bills on your own.

As you all know there are different methods to pay your PESCO bills online, but conventional methods are still ruling there. Majority of the people are afraid of using online apps because of spam. Some find such applications difficult to use and vice versa.

Following are the options available for today to pay the PESCO bill in Peshawar.

  1. Online Bill Payments
  2. Payment via Bank

Online Payment Methods

  • Jazz Cash
  • Easypaisa
  • Daraz Wallet
  • HBL Mobile

Online PESCO bill payment

Online is a new method introduced by different companies. This method is friendly for you and for the company also. Different funds transfer applications are introduced in bulk. Companies use these applications as their payment methods.

For paying bills online, you can pay through an online-approved application by your respective company. You can avail of such services by downloading mobile banking. This will save you time and fuel as well.

PESCO Bill Online Payment Methods

As of now, PESCO does not has its own payment application. It relies on other companies and banks for its bill payments. You can use such approved payment methods by PESCO to pay your PESCO bill online.

By switching to an online service, you will receive monthly messages about your bill and its details. Your name, CNIC number, or reference number will be there in a message. The last date of the bill or in other words due date is also mentioned there. When you had received such a message, you can use any of the below-given methods to pay your online pesco bill.

Jazz Cash

Jazz Cash is one of the finest companies in Pakistan that is used widely by a large group of the population. It has made payment methods much easier in Pakistan. For using Jazz Cash, you need to install the application. It is very easy to operate. You need to have a suitable balance in your Jazz Cash account for making a transaction.

Follow the below-given steps to operate Jazz Cash.

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on “Bill Payment”.
  • Now, select PESCO as a provider.
  • Enter certain credentials.
  • Lastly, click on the pay button.


This is one of the oldest methods to pay your bills online. Easy paisa was introduced by UBL. Easypaisa did not gain enough popularity in its initial days. But now, it has evolved a lot. Earlier an agent was involved in paying bills. But now, this third-party system has been eradicated.

Following are the methods to pay your PESCO bill through Easy Paisa.

  • Open the Easy paisa app.
  • Make sure to have enough amount in your account for making any transaction.
  • Click on the “Bill”.
  • Select PESCO as a provider.
  • Now, enter your Reference Number.
  • Lastly, click on the pay button.

Daraz wallet

This is one of the newest methods introduced in Pakistan. Daraz has its own market in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. It is operated by Daraz. If you are a regular customer at Daraz then you will get the benefit of a 10% discount on your first payment. This is the best opportunity to save money and time.

HBL Mobile

As the name itself indicates, this mobile application is a venture of HBL. Things would be easy if you have an HBL account. Follow the below-given points to enjoy this app.

  • Login to your HBL Mobile account.
  • Now click on utility bill payments.
  • Select PESCO there.
  • Enter 14 digit reference number.
  • Fill in some credentials.
  • Enter the Pay button.

How to pay the PESCO bill via bank?

Paying bills through a bank is very easy. You need to go to the bank with your PESCO electricity bill and the amount that is to be paid. You need to wait for your turn in a row if there is a row. On your turn, give your bill to the cashier. He will ask you for money.

Give money to the cashier. He will transfer that money to the PESCO account and your bill will be paid. He will also stamp your bill to show it is paid.


Above we have made our best to tell you different methods for paying your PESCO bills. Now you can easily select a method you want to pay through. You can choose, which method suits you the most.

In the end, being responsible citizens, we all should pay the bills on time. Because these companies rely on this money for further operations.

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