PESCO Faced 460 Million Loss Due To Flood

It has been confirmed that both power distribution companies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have suffered losses of about Rs460 million as a result of the devastating floods that struck the province on Thursday, according to the Federal Minister for Power. In a press conference held at WAPDA House, he said that Peshawar Electric Supply Company suffered a loss of some Rs400 million and Tribal Electric Supply Company suffered a loss of around Rs60 million.
According to him, the federal government had sent a senior officer to Peshawar to estimate the power losses and difficulties there.
PESCO loss due to flood


It has been reported that nine grid stations have been affected by floods and have had to be closed down for the safety of citizens. Six of these nine stations have now reopened, while the remaining three remain closed. 126 feeders were closed during these floods, but 121 of them were reopened, and five of them remain closed. Fortunately, grid stations and feeders were not affected by the floods, but transmission lines and pylons were uprooted in some areas, resulting in the suspension of power supply in those areas.

Attempts are being made to restore these supply lines, and power will soon be restored to all areas. According to him, Swat and Bajaur were the two districts that were the most affected by the floods. It has been reported that electricity has been restored to the Tank district, he added. In addition to the security issues in Jandola, different options are being considered by the ministry for restoring power in the area.

A national policy will be put in place to provide relief from electricity bills to flood-affected areas through a reduction of electricity bills, he said. It has been announced by the Prime Minister that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will receive a relief package worth Rs10 billion. Additionally, the ministry is currently devising a mechanism for monitoring the performance of distribution companies to achieve the goals it has set by using technology to do so. Despite being aware of the manpower shortage at distribution companies, the government will address it as soon as possible.

According to him, the government had put all the resources at the disposal of the distribution companies so that the issues could be resolved as soon as possible. In the district of Nowshera, lives and properties were saved as a result of the timely actions taken by PESCO officials. As a result of the timely action taken, the losses had been minimized, he said.

While the government is working on a plan to deal with line losses, its primary concern is to ensure that electricity is supplied to flood-affected areas across the country, including Sindh, South Punjab, and Baluchistan.

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