PESCO Net Metering – How it works and How Much can you Save?

The extra electricity produced by your solar system is then used by the national grid if you are following net metering. Net metering is beneficial for an owner in many ways. As you are not dependent on WAPDA for your domestic purpose electricity and additionally you are charging for extra electricity produced by you. So, it is beneficial for a producer in many ways and will reduce your pesco bill.

PESCO Net Metering and How does it work?

If you are eagerly wishing for net metering then firstly you need to invest in a solar system. Firstly you will have to invest and then that investment will pay you throughout your life until there is some fault in your solar system.

As you all know the procedures of how to apply for net metering. Apply that method after installing solar panels and the other mandatory procedures for net metering.

PESCO Net Metering and How does it work?

When you generate electricity through solar panels, they generate more electricity than your need. So, you can share that electricity with the national grid and in turn, the national grid will pay you for extra units. Shortly, you will be consuming electricity with zero bills.

As there is a great heat in our country, so electricity produced during day time will be more than your needs. By installing different batteries, you can store additional electricity and then use it for nighttime.

PESCO’s Net metering Benefits

There are various benefits of net metering. If you can afford net metering then install solar panels right now. This would be beneficial for you and for your country also.

  • The fact that you will no longer waste electricity will result in a reduction in your electricity bill, and you can increase your savings as much as you desire.
  • There are no batteries or other expensive components needed for this device, and it is easy to use and low-cost.
  • The system manages problems such as load shedding and low voltage, among others.
  • This is equivalent to not having to perform any maintenance at all.
  • As soon as the user has used the system for three or five years, the user is reimbursed for the system’s costs. It is expected that the system will last for at least 25 years.

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