PESCO Press Release – Role Of Army In Flood

According to a recent report, Engineer Amir Muqam, advisor to the prime minister on political and public affairs, as well as heritage and culture, has stated that government departments such as the Pakistan Army, the NDMA, and the PDMA played a vital role in flood relief and rescue operations. According to the minister, all grid stations affected by the devastating floods have been fully restored to power.

After presiding over a high-level meeting regarding flood damage to electricity infrastructure, including grid stations, transmission lines, and police, as well as reconstruction operations at the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO), he addressed a press conference here at WAPDA House.

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Role Of Army In Flood

During this difficult time, the government’s top priority is to provide relief and rehabilitation to flood-affected people. Shehbaz Sharif instructed the power division to restore power to flood-affected areas on an emergency basis, as soon as possible, through the restoration of damaged grid stations.

According to engineer Amir Muqam, the Prime Minister personally oversees the restoration process. In some areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the recent floods have caused serious damage to the electricity transmission system. Flooding also resulted in the loss of several power poles. As a result of the current state of affairs in the country, he emphasized the importance of a collective effort in order to overcome the situation that many families are experiencing due to the flash floods that have occurred across the country.

All of the damaged grid stations will be repaired as soon as possible, according to him. PESCO suffered a loss of Rs 500 million, while TESCO suffered a loss of Rs 60 million. As a result of the recent flooding, the advisor to the prime minister expressed concern about the spread of diseases. Due to the flood that submerged the entire country, this natural disaster was unlike any other.

According to the Adviser, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was also affected by floods. In flood rescue and relief operations, the Pakistan Army, NDMA, and PDMA played a critical role, he said. As a response to a question, he stated that flooding had caused problems and that Imran Khan was actively engaged in political activities. He said that this is a difficult time for flood victims, and he decided that he would rather stand with them during this difficult time.

Amir Muqam, Advisor to the Prime Minister and President of the PML-N Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, presided over a meeting of PESCO’s senior officials earlier this week in Peshawar. PESCO’s chief executive officer, Gul Nabi Shah, also attended the meeting. During the meeting, the officials provided the Adviser to the Prime Minister with a briefing on the delivery of electricity to flood-affected areas. Amir Muqam, the Prime Minister’s advisor, commended WAPDA’s staff for their efforts during the flood crisis.

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