PESCO’s Role In Providing Electricity

PESCO (Peshawar Electric Supply Company) is a government-owned utility company that provides electricity to Peshawar and the surrounding areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The company is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in its service area.

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PESCO’s Role in the Generation of Electricity

PESCO’s role in electricity generation is limited, as it primarily relies on the national grid to provide electricity to its customers. However, the company has its own small-scale power plants that generate electricity for emergency situations or when the national grid is unavailable. These power plants include hydropower plants, thermal power plants, and solar power plants.

PESCO’s Role in the Transmission of Electricity

PESCO is responsible for transmitting electricity from the national grid to its distribution system. The company owns and operates transmission lines, transformers, and other related equipment that transfer electricity from the high-voltage transmission lines to the low-voltage distribution lines.

PESCO’s Role in the Distribution of Electricity

PESCO’s main role is the distribution of electricity to its customers. The company operates a vast network of low-voltage distribution lines and substations that deliver electricity to homes, businesses, and industries in its service area.

To ensure a reliable supply of electricity to its customers, PESCO conducts regular maintenance and upgrades of its distribution infrastructure. The company also invests in new technologies such as smart grid systems and renewable energy sources to improve the efficiency and reliability of its distribution system.

PESCO’s Challenges

Despite its efforts, PESCO faces several challenges in providing reliable electricity to its customers. The company struggles with the issue of load shedding, which is a deliberate interruption of electricity supply to reduce the demand on the system. This results in frequent power outages, which can have a significant impact on the daily lives of PESCO’s customers.

PESCO also faces challenges related to the theft of electricity and non-payment of bills by its customers. These issues not only lead to revenue losses for the company but also contribute to the overall inefficiency of the distribution system.


In conclusion, PESCO plays a vital role in providing electricity to Peshawar and the surrounding areas. The company’s responsibilities include electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, with a focus on maintaining the reliability of the supply. Despite facing several challenges, PESCO is committed to improving its distribution system and meeting the energy needs of its customers.

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