Power Thieves Attacked on PESCO Team

A drive against the illegal use of electricity has been started many years ago by the Chief Executive of PESCO. This drive aims to provide the legal use of electricity to its consumers. If somebody is caught red-handed, strict action will be taken against that party and if some other is involved in it he would also have to pay for what he did.

On Wednesday Peshawar police arrested 11 people alleged as power thieves of Peshawar Electric Supply Company. According to PESCO Director General Public Relations Shoukat Afzal, a joint operation was carried out by TEAM PESCO in the areas where it was suspected to be a chance of Power Theft.

Power Thieves Attacked on PESCO

35 FIRs were registered against such people and 8 people who said that they has installed power transformers without any approval by PESCO were arrested.

According to officials, 30 people were arrested who were caught red-handed during electricity checking in the areas of 11KV Bara, Peshtakhara, Sheikh, and Abdara feeders. The local police conduct that operation.

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