Put An End To Power Outages Says Mansehra Residents

The residents of Mansehra and Oghi tehsils demand that the Peshawar Electric Supply Company stop the prolonged power outages. The outages have been causing significant inconvenience to the residents, who have had to resort to using generators and candles for light. The traders in the area have also been adversely affected, as they have had to rely on backup power sources to keep their businesses running.

“The Pesco suspends electric supply from 8 am to 4 pm daily every alternate day badly affecting our businesses, which are already hit by high inflation,” chairman of the central trader body Fayyaz Solaria told reporters on Tuesday.

Put An End To Power Outages


He warned that if a smooth electric supply wasn’t ensured, the business community would take to the streets. Under the guise of maintaining transmission lines, the Pesco is suspending electric supply to consumers, much to their displeasure.

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The Pesco suspends power supply for long hours, which should stop immediately to people’s relief,” resident Ajmal Khan said. In order to relieve the people, Pesco should stop suspending the power supply for long periods of time.

The power cuts have caused water shortages as people can’t draw water from wells and hand pumps without electricity. “The prime minister should take notice of prolonged power outages for corrective measures,” he said.

The traders in Oghi tehsil have criticized the Pesco for power outages and have threatened to stage street protests on the matter. Ibrar Hussain, a former provincial minister, has vowed to take the police to court after he was arrested on false charges of murder.

After being released from police custody on the orders of the Peshawar High Court’s Abbottabad Circuit Bench, Mr. Hussain told reporters that he had not been involved in the murder of a woman dancer, but had been arrested and charged with that crime nonetheless. He vowed to file a petition against the police.

The Mansehra police booked Mr. Hussain and four others over the murder of a woman dancer during a private function in Thakara here on Aug 12. Mr. Hussain claimed that his arrest was politically-motivated, saying that his opponents had framed him.

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