The Challenges Faced by PESCO in Providing Reliable Electricity to Consumers

Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) faces numerous challenges in providing reliable electricity to its consumers. One of the biggest challenges is the aging infrastructure of the electricity distribution system, which often leads to frequent breakdowns and power outages. This is compounded by the rapidly increasing demand for electricity in the region, which puts further strain on the already overloaded system.

Another major challenge is power theft, which is rampant in many parts of PESCO’s service area. This includes both meter tampering and illegal connections, which results in significant revenue losses for the company and a decreased quality of service for legitimate consumers.

Moreover, extreme weather events such as floods, heavy rains, and snowstorms, can also damage the distribution infrastructure and disrupt the supply of electricity.

The overall security situation in the region also affects PESCO’s ability to provide reliable electricity. Attacks on power transmission lines and substations by militants have been reported in the past, causing significant disruptions in the supply of electricity.

PESCO is taking steps to address these challenges. For example, the company is investing in upgrading and modernizing its infrastructure, including installing new transformers, upgrading transmission lines, and replacing aging equipment. The company is also working to reduce power theft by cracking down on illegal connections and increasing public awareness about the negative effects of power theft.


While PESCO faces significant challenges in providing reliable electricity to its consumers, the company is taking proactive steps to address these issues. By investing in infrastructure upgrades and increasing public awareness, PESCO aims to provide better quality service to its consumers in the future.

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