The Role Of PESCO (Peshawar Electric Supply Company) In Pakistan

PESCO, or the Peshawar Electric Supply Company, is a public limited company that plays a crucial role in the power sector of Pakistan. It was established in 1998 and is responsible for the distribution and supply of electricity in Peshawar and other surrounding areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

As one of the largest power distribution companies in Pakistan, PESCO serves millions of customers in its jurisdiction. Its role in the country’s power sector is vital as it is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the electricity infrastructure, as well as ensuring a consistent supply of electricity to its customers.

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PESCO’s primary responsibilities include the management of the distribution system, operation of the grid stations, and maintenance of the distribution lines and transformers. The company’s workforce is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the power system and attending to any power outages or faults that may occur.

Moreover, PESCO is responsible for managing the billing and collection of payments from its customers. The company has implemented a number of initiatives to improve the efficiency of its billing and collection systems, including the installation of automated meter reading (AMR) systems and online bill payment facilities.

PESCO also plays a crucial role in promoting energy conservation and efficiency in Pakistan. The company has implemented various energy conservation programs, including the distribution of energy-saving devices and the promotion of energy-efficient practices among its customers.

In addition to its operational responsibilities, PESCO is also involved in the planning and developing of the power sector in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The company works closely with the government and other stakeholders to identify areas where the electricity supply can be improved and to develop new projects to meet the growing demand for electricity in the region.

Despite facing several challenges, including technical and financial constraints, PESCO has made significant progress in improving the quality and reliability of the electricity supply in its jurisdiction. The company has implemented several initiatives to enhance the efficiency and performance of its power distribution network, including installing new transformers and distribution lines, implementing demand-side management programs, and adopting innovative grid technologies.


PESCO plays a vital role in the power sector of Pakistan. The company’s efforts to improve the quality and reliability of the electricity supply in its jurisdiction, promote energy conservation and efficiency, and develop new projects to meet the growing demand for electricity, are crucial for the economic and social development of the region. Despite the challenges it faces, PESCO continues to work tirelessly to ensure that its customers have access to a consistent and reliable supply of electricity.

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