Ways to Immediately Cut Electricity Bills in Your House

When it comes to reducing electricity costs, you need to take preventive measures. As you all know, electricity rates are very high and up to not affordable for the majority of the population. So, one should take preventive measures in order in order to lessen your electricity cost.

This is only possible when the house owner takes initial steps. Turn off the lights immediately after use. Do not use ceiling fans and lights when not required. In place of AC, try to sleep in a natural air if possible for you to manage. In this era of the highest cost in the history of Pakistan, one can do nothing except work on oneself.

Tips To Reduce Electricity Cost In Homes

Certain measures should be taken in order to reduce electricity costs in your homes. Dimming lights, or just by using them when required is also a great option.

You can replace old electricity appliances with new technology appliances as they consume less electricity. The Air Conditioners (AC) available today in the market are DC Inverters and they consume comparatively less electricity than the AC used 7-10 years ago.

Tips To Reduce Electricity Cost In Homes

Replace such AC with today’s technology and save electricity and your budget too. Especially, in this era, it is very hard to survive even. So, lets us just take initial steps to survive longer.

  • Change your light bulb to LEDs as they save up to 80% of electricity.
  • When not using any appliance, plug them out.

Start With An Energy Audit

An energy audit tells you how efficient your energy usage is. Some companies also tell your energy consumption. With this, you will be able to identify areas and appliances you need to cut down.

Cut Out Phantom Energy

You would be wondering what phantom energy is. This energy sucks your electricity like a vampire sucks blood. Electronics that are plugged in the whole day consume up to 65-75 % of your daily electricity. These appliances use zero electricity when unplugged.

Start Using Dimmer Switches

Using dimmer switches is one of the great options to reduce your everyday electricity cost. Dimmer switches shut down after every 120 seconds and are not noticeable to the human eye.

Keep Your Refrigerator Full

We all know well that if you open a fridge its cooling comes out. If it is left open, then obviously it will produce less cooling and waste a lot. Therefore, try to keep your refrigerator door closed.

But do you know?

If your refrigerator is empty or has less stuff in it then it costs a lot of electricity. If your refrigerator is full then the products under it act as insulation. Keep your refrigerator full and save electricity.

Keep The Sun Out

As summers are getting very hot. And the sunny day is very heavy for anyone. Try to cover your windows with heavy fabric curtains that do not allow sunlight to come in. This would help you in making your home cool thereby saving electricity.

Paint your Roof White

Summers in Pakistan are very very hot nowadays. So, try to be more productive in your thinking. In order to make your home cool, use white paint on your rooftop. This white-coated paint acts as insulation and will keep your home temperature down.

You might not need to use an AC when your roof is coated with white paint. So, try to paint your rooftop with white paint and save electricity.

Inspect Devices That Consume More Electricity

Hire a local electrician and ask him to check your home and tell you which is costing a lot of electricity and why. Try to find out the cause and then fix it. This would reduce a larger energy load.

If you are living in a home for a longer period of time, then you might not know how much mending wires and rusty sockets are costing you. Try to fix these issues and save your electricity cost.

Machines That Consume More Electricity

There are many machines that cost a lot of electricity. We must think before making a purchase. Laptops consume about 50 watts of electricity, whereas other appliances consume 100 watts of electricity. Switch to those electrical appliances that cost less electricity. Now laptops are used efficiently as they consume less electricity.

In the case of washing machines, top-load machines consume more electricity than front-load washing machines. So, before making any purchase, look at the pros and cons. As these machines cost a lot, you can not replace them every month. So make a wise purchase.

Do Gardening

We focus a lot on the inside of our homes when it comes to cutting electricity and forget about our exterior. Maintaining a good vibe on the interior is also a good thing but also work on the exterior will prove extra beneficial for you.

Plant some trees outside your home. This will make the outside air cool for you and will reduce the overall temperature of your house. This will act as insulation and will help you in heating and cooling.

Use More Blankets During Winters

During winter, instead of an electric heater try to heat yourself with a lot of blankets. Sleeping more people in the same room, will increase the room temperature and will produce heat as compared to fewer people within the same room.


Not all the above-mentioned points will be followed by each one of you. As it is very hard to implement all these at the same time. Replacing appliances also costs a lot. This can be done by a wealthy person at once. Try to implement a few of the above-given points.

These will prove beneficial for you in saving your electricity cost. Start with the easy one and then proceed to the bigger projects. With few lifestyle changes, you can do well in your life.

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