What If I Don’t Pay PESCO Bill?

As citizens of Pakistan, this is our responsibility to pay the bill on time. This billing amount is collected and is further used for the development and smooth distribution of the company across the region. When the bills are not collected on time, further development in our country is delayed as we are an underdeveloped country. We only rely on monthly dues.

If I Don't Pay PESCO Bill

In order to be on the list of a developed country, we bring the citizen of Pakistan should pay the bills on time. As our country is totally dependent on you.

If you do not pay the bills on time, then you will be given some time to relax with some additional dues. Once the due date is over, you will be given the time next month to pay the bill. Now you will have to submit both these bills within the given time period.

Otherwise, the Parent company has the right to discontinue your connection. Therefore, we advise you to pay your PESCO bills on time.

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